Sunday, September 6, 2009

Opening Volleys and First Assaults on your senses.

Hello...I am the Hillbilly Warlord.Lets get started with the name.You will wonder why I chose it.When I was 15,I was in a "garage band." Needless to say,it didnt make it.We never got "out of the garage," never had a complete band at one time. Just teenage guys with some ideas.One was the band names which I proposed was "The Hillbilly Warlords." In my 15 year old mind,this is an "oxymoron" and there have been those who stress the "moronic" part of the word,that's OK,your'e entitled to your opinion.A 'hillbilly" is always a person, or persons, who are "inbred,uneducated,bucktoothed" in the mountains.This stereotype is wrong. Mountain people the world over are independent,tough,hearty breeds of people,with a sense of morals and timeless wisdom.With me so far? Good.A "warlord" is always seen as the tough, rugged, individualistic type who commands men and peoples.This is wrong.The "warlord" is one who surrounds himself with his "personal guards" their guns,their intimidation,their might and muscle,and not so much the "warlord himself." The "Warlord" is more of the "coward" than a "Hillbilly" is an idiot. I hope you see it now,as I do.I kept the name of the band. Together the words "Hillbilly Warlord" should conjure a lot of mental images as to what people will percieve as what a Hillbilly Warlord would look like,act like,be like. I have my own ideas about it.You will come to know it now. I will be blogging about a great many things, I will put forth to you all, things I hope will make you think,Invite you to disagree,agree,or offer another solution or opinion.I hope to say the things that you might be afraid to say yourself,and give you the courage to say it when the time comes.I call it as I see it. I want you to do the same.With that being said,this my very first blog,and a step into a bigger world.

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