Sunday, September 6, 2009

Health Care...a simple look....

I have an ingrown toenail.Left foot,Big toe.Hurts so bad,like a toothache.No problem,I have a spiffy insurance plan with my employer,off to the doctor I go.He refers me to a "specialist",a "Podiatrist." I pay my 15$ co-pay(My primary care doctor charges my insurance company a few hundred bucks) A week later,Im seeing the "specialist,the Podiatrist," who says "Yep,you gotta an ingrown toenail.Heres a PRESCRIPTION for any infection that might occur,and we'll see you in 2 weeks!"I pay a 25$ co-pay,the "specialists rates"(The specialist charges my insurance company a few more hundred bucks) I go to the drug store,and my anti-biotic is 15$ co-pay(And the drug store charges my insurance company the 60$,70$ maybe even 100$ for the prescription)...2 weeks goes by,no infection,but then who knows because I took anti-biotics.Ive done far worse in injuries to myself over the years and never developed an infection without anti-bodies,so I think I can manage an ingrown toenail that I've had for a few months,that should have "developed an infection" before I went to my doctor for it in the first place!So...Im at the "specialist" again,the "Podiatrist."He says"Coming along nicely,see you in a week to cut it out." I pay my 25$ co-pay,(the specialist then again charges my insurance company a few hundred more dolllars) I make basically a 4th appointment by now.And a week later,I'm at the Podiatrist,a "specialist" and he cuts HALF the toenail away.JUST HALF.It will come back-repeating this all over again(wink wink)part of the process,setting up the next time,dont cure it,dont stop it from occuring again,OH NO, within a year.I leave,after paying yet another 25$ co-pay,and (the Podiatrist charges another couple of hundred dollars to my insurance company.)It took FOUR APPOINTMENTS,FOUR WEEKS,sure --it didnt cost ME MUCH,but somebody PAID for it,and TWO DOCTORS WERE PAID IN THE PROCESS,and PILLS WERE SOLD,mission accomplished!!!.................A few month later,I stubb my Right Big Toe,on pavement.Toenail falls off in less than 2 weeks.No infection,no doctor,no specialist,it has yet to ever be ingrown............a few months later,the OTHER toenail,has regrown and is now,you guessed it,Ingrown again.This time I have NO INSURANCE,lost my job......the "specialist" will remove the WHOLE NAIL for $300,no referrals,no pills,no numerous appointments,same day service.............NOW----I dont sit around and wonder why health care is in such crisis.Its because the Doctors have raped and robbed Medicare/Medicaid an Insurance Companies for so many years that--of course--the costs go up.And up.And up.Until its out of control.You must make at least $200,000 per year to even begin to be able to play the game of health care in the U.S.,and thats STILL not enough.The right illness can bankrupt all but the rich,and even then,it can make a dent in their finances,too.All but perhaps the super wealthy,the top 2%.I dont want to have to go to a "Social Medicine Model" in America,I want to earn my way and not be taken care of by the government.But when it gets to the place where GREED has driven costs up, and no one can make decisive decisions anyway, in our government, for fear of not getting re-elected,or to "win the house or senate" then something will have to give,and history is full of these kinds of stories.The politicians arent "getting it." Its obvious that they have forgotten that WE are there bosses,and not the other way around.Our government getting involved in health care is the "Socialist Trojan Horse" to our way of living.If it (Social Medicine)works in England,Canada,Thats fine,thats all well and good.But our government cannot afford to take care of 300million-plus in population,as opposed to Canadas' 30 million,England,France and Germany,having what? between 60 to 80 million tops in each country? THATS WHY "social medicine" 'works' in those countries,because they DONT have the population the US has,and they are NOT burdened with the responsibilty of protecting the world militarily,like the US DOES for I dont sit around and scratch my head and wonder why.I KNOW why.

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