Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Gonna be some sweet sounds.comin' down,on the Night Shift" Part IV

Night Shift work and jobs have dwindled down to next to nothing in America.Our factories have been sent over the border and overseas,and we have been sold out by our own politicians and business leaders who dont want to govern free people, or pay them a decent wages.So they sent it all to Mexico and China for cheap labor and MASSIVE profits for themselves.Oink oink!!!......So night shift jobs are now just the basic necessities,Law Enforcement,Medical Services: EMT's,Hospitals,nursing homes.Some Utility and maintenence work,and 24 hour gas stations and a few retail outlets and very few and dwindling grocery stores that are open 24 hours.Along with witnessing first hand this decline of jobs,the wages have gone down,too,because your employer who runs a night shift in any of these mentioned areas does not give a fluffy fuck about your night shift sacrifices.They dont care,Night Shift,whats left of it,has become a "necessary evil" that they cant simply send over the borders or overseas.You think they wouldnt ship medical care off if they could? Hell, if it was profitable and feasible,you would be visiting your mom in a nursing home in Mexico, IF they could do it.So Night Shift---whats left of it,is something they begrudgingly HAVE to HAVE. They HATE having to pay for night shift employees.They dont give a damn about the sacrifices Night Shift workers make,and whats more,neither do the day shift workers.They dont give a shit as long as they dont have to do it,or else they'd be on nights too.Night Shift---no matter if I worked in a factory,a nursing home,security or in law enforcement---is the scapegoat and the blame for as much as day shift can find wrong.Day shift ALWAYS blames the night shift when things go wrong.Employers and management also jump in and gleefully blame nights too.While they're in bed at night,and have to wake up and come in in the morning,they quickly put everything off on nights, citing that "there isnt that much work" or it "slows down" when in fact MORE---YES MORE--- gets accomplished at night for LESS.But who cares??? Night shifters are "lazy, and if they were really worth it, they'd want them on days,"right?-----Let me tell you what night shift does for you bitching and moaning day shifters.First off---PEOPLE---are NOT NOCTURNAL. Human beings are not NOT NOCTURNAL!!! That alone should DOUBLE the night shift wages!! No matter how long you are on night shift,if you get off nights and work days,you WILL easily slip back into sleeping nights,easier than the other way around.Night shifter LOSE far more rest and sleep than day shifters.Night shifters must STILL deal with the day.NO ONE comes to us at 300AM for anything,ALL appointments,doctors,school(if you have kids)legal and clerical needs,errands,and anything you have to do occurs between 800am(in most cases 900am) to 5oopm and in some cases maybe 600pm.Night shifter must still deal with the day---So therefore---there IS NO SET SLEEP SHCEDULE for a night shift worker.Night shift workers sleep WHEN they can,at VARYING times of the day,for as LONG as they can, IF----IF----IF they can sleep at all on a particular day.Night shifters actually lose 2 to 5 YEARS OFF THEIR LIVES.Night shifters are out of shape,and get far less exercise,becuase of their daily varying schedule.They eat WHEN they can,IF they can WHAT they can when they can get it. They miss out on time with their families,their hobbies are set aside,and if you work in aplace that has a night shift,you WILL be working MOST and ALL holidays and weekends,ESPECIALLY if your'e on night shift.Most daytimers are too damn stupid to realize just how much dies down after 9ooPM each evening.Not many people work nights anymore,so its not even near as considered as it once was.MOST PEOPLE---IN AMERICA---work the day shift,have weekends off,and holidays off. Know how I can tell? Because traffic is at its MINIMUM--AT NIGHT--on holidays and weekends---AT NIGHT---it drops off sharply.Dont include interstate traffic jams and travel,this is NOT night shift "work,"make no mistake.And then they turn around and trivialize and minimize the sacrifice night shifters do because day shifters "have it so bad."Day shift is when everbody,and the right people,(the employers and Management)are present to hear, and have to deal with the bitching and whining day shift does all day long.Night shifters are not present to defend themselves,nor does any of these daytime employers and managers ever even BOTHER to come in one night and even acknowledge the night shift,much less hear their sides of the equation or their needs,so management and employers appease and placate whats before them---bitching whining,complaining day shifters.How do I know?? Ive spent YEARS--- NEVER---NEVER, even SEEING my bossess,supervisors,much less the employers themselves!!! But remember why? ---they dont give a fluffy fuck about night shift and its employees.Its amazing that Americas' employers leave nights to such chance and compromise.But when you know little to nothing about it because you dont give a damn as long as the money rolls in and you dont have to hear it,so what? Right? Ah America and her employers. What a country!What a way to do business. All talk.All the time. They just know what to say at the right times to get the heat off themselves." ............"Gonna be some sweet sounds,comin' down,on the Night Shift"

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