Friday, September 25, 2009

Hillbilly Warlords Public Safety Announcement No.2

No...Not ALL Muslims are terrorists. BUT...TOO MANY of them ARE...TOO MANY of them are TURNING out to be terrorists.TOO MANY of them are being FOUND OUT to BE terrorists.No...not ALL Muslims are terrorists.But far TOO MANY of them ARE terrorists.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Gonna be some sweet sounds.comin' down,on the Night Shift" Part IV

Night Shift work and jobs have dwindled down to next to nothing in America.Our factories have been sent over the border and overseas,and we have been sold out by our own politicians and business leaders who dont want to govern free people, or pay them a decent wages.So they sent it all to Mexico and China for cheap labor and MASSIVE profits for themselves.Oink oink!!!......So night shift jobs are now just the basic necessities,Law Enforcement,Medical Services: EMT's,Hospitals,nursing homes.Some Utility and maintenence work,and 24 hour gas stations and a few retail outlets and very few and dwindling grocery stores that are open 24 hours.Along with witnessing first hand this decline of jobs,the wages have gone down,too,because your employer who runs a night shift in any of these mentioned areas does not give a fluffy fuck about your night shift sacrifices.They dont care,Night Shift,whats left of it,has become a "necessary evil" that they cant simply send over the borders or overseas.You think they wouldnt ship medical care off if they could? Hell, if it was profitable and feasible,you would be visiting your mom in a nursing home in Mexico, IF they could do it.So Night Shift---whats left of it,is something they begrudgingly HAVE to HAVE. They HATE having to pay for night shift employees.They dont give a damn about the sacrifices Night Shift workers make,and whats more,neither do the day shift workers.They dont give a shit as long as they dont have to do it,or else they'd be on nights too.Night Shift---no matter if I worked in a factory,a nursing home,security or in law enforcement---is the scapegoat and the blame for as much as day shift can find wrong.Day shift ALWAYS blames the night shift when things go wrong.Employers and management also jump in and gleefully blame nights too.While they're in bed at night,and have to wake up and come in in the morning,they quickly put everything off on nights, citing that "there isnt that much work" or it "slows down" when in fact MORE---YES MORE--- gets accomplished at night for LESS.But who cares??? Night shifters are "lazy, and if they were really worth it, they'd want them on days,"right?-----Let me tell you what night shift does for you bitching and moaning day shifters.First off---PEOPLE---are NOT NOCTURNAL. Human beings are not NOT NOCTURNAL!!! That alone should DOUBLE the night shift wages!! No matter how long you are on night shift,if you get off nights and work days,you WILL easily slip back into sleeping nights,easier than the other way around.Night shifter LOSE far more rest and sleep than day shifters.Night shifters must STILL deal with the day.NO ONE comes to us at 300AM for anything,ALL appointments,doctors,school(if you have kids)legal and clerical needs,errands,and anything you have to do occurs between 800am(in most cases 900am) to 5oopm and in some cases maybe 600pm.Night shifter must still deal with the day---So therefore---there IS NO SET SLEEP SHCEDULE for a night shift worker.Night shift workers sleep WHEN they can,at VARYING times of the day,for as LONG as they can, IF----IF----IF they can sleep at all on a particular day.Night shifters actually lose 2 to 5 YEARS OFF THEIR LIVES.Night shifters are out of shape,and get far less exercise,becuase of their daily varying schedule.They eat WHEN they can,IF they can WHAT they can when they can get it. They miss out on time with their families,their hobbies are set aside,and if you work in aplace that has a night shift,you WILL be working MOST and ALL holidays and weekends,ESPECIALLY if your'e on night shift.Most daytimers are too damn stupid to realize just how much dies down after 9ooPM each evening.Not many people work nights anymore,so its not even near as considered as it once was.MOST PEOPLE---IN AMERICA---work the day shift,have weekends off,and holidays off. Know how I can tell? Because traffic is at its MINIMUM--AT NIGHT--on holidays and weekends---AT NIGHT---it drops off sharply.Dont include interstate traffic jams and travel,this is NOT night shift "work,"make no mistake.And then they turn around and trivialize and minimize the sacrifice night shifters do because day shifters "have it so bad."Day shift is when everbody,and the right people,(the employers and Management)are present to hear, and have to deal with the bitching and whining day shift does all day long.Night shifters are not present to defend themselves,nor does any of these daytime employers and managers ever even BOTHER to come in one night and even acknowledge the night shift,much less hear their sides of the equation or their needs,so management and employers appease and placate whats before them---bitching whining,complaining day shifters.How do I know?? Ive spent YEARS--- NEVER---NEVER, even SEEING my bossess,supervisors,much less the employers themselves!!! But remember why? ---they dont give a fluffy fuck about night shift and its employees.Its amazing that Americas' employers leave nights to such chance and compromise.But when you know little to nothing about it because you dont give a damn as long as the money rolls in and you dont have to hear it,so what? Right? Ah America and her employers. What a country!What a way to do business. All talk.All the time. They just know what to say at the right times to get the heat off themselves." ............"Gonna be some sweet sounds,comin' down,on the Night Shift"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gonna be some sweet sounds,comin' down,on the Night Shift" Part III

I was off one night from my night shift job,and night being my "day" I decided to go to a 24 hour Walmart,and get some gas at an all night 24 hour a day,365 day a year convenience store. As I walked in the store, a man was quite upset at the cashier,a young woman who was in her late teens or early 20's,becuase she was stocking the cooler and evidently didnt get to this man as quickly as he wanted. He was upset because he was having to wait for her to turn the pump on so he could get gas. At night,it is good policy to make people pay for gas before they pump it to eliminate drive offs(stealing gas)He was not happy about that either, and was letting her know it. He was not only wanting to gas up his big gas hog truck,but also his big bass boat,too,and she was "holdin' him up." from "gittin' on tha lake bafore sunup" It was around 4:15 A.M. He also commented that it "took a while to fill these things up" He was quite upset. The Cashier apologized and tried to explain she was in the cooler and was hurrying as fast as she could,but he was just upset.....SO.....I had to comment....and this is what I said: "Hey asshole,you are going fishing,SHE is WORKING,trying to do herJOB,wont you shut the hell up." Hoping and expecting a good argument at least, the man said nothing,paid for his gas, and as I was pumping my gas,he wouldnt even look at me.I was hoping he'd say something......So I go on to WalMart....let me tell you something about any and every WalMart I've ever been in at night,that's open 24 hours----They dont want you in there at that time.They are trying to stock and clean,and the last thing they want is a "godamn customer" in their store.Especially the Salisbury NC location. Ive stopped going to Wal Mart at night.They dont want to be bothered.Ah yes,....."Gonna be some sweet sounds,comin' down,on the Night Shift."

Halloween....Hillbillywarlord Style.....

I am not a Christian.Nor a Jew,nor a Muslim.Not a Hindu,Nor am I a Satanist,an Agnostic,or an Atheist......You figure it out.I get tired of explaining it.I dont recruit,proselytize nor do I knock on doors.........Some years ago I was working in a place that seemed to be full of the most gracious,perfect Christians to ever walk planet Earth,according to them. One woman,a co worker, came up to me and asked me this very question....."What does 'YOUR KIND' do for Halloween?" This was a baited question for the Christian gossip mill,I knew it,she knew it,and I was hoping for it---so I layed it on thick. The horns grew out of my forehead as I explained......"Well...typical American family stuff I guess...we'll put on our black robes,form a circle around an altar,try to summon a few demons or two---pretty typical family fun---,and this year,the kids wanted to sacrifice something,so we got them some animals to ritualistically sacrifice.And after that,when the kids go to bed,we adults light a huge bonfire, get naked,get drunk and high on all kinds of drugs,have an orgy, and then everybody goes home. Pretty average stuff I guess.What do you guys do?".............I wish you could see this womans face as I remember it.I didnt think a jaw could drop like that without surgical intervention. She was speechless,I just stood there and acted as if it was all the most natural thing in the world. After the proverbial '1000 year pause',she said "Really???" Not wanting to let this fish go,I said "Sure! Doesnt everybody??"She walked off. I KNEW she found this ABSURD line of BULLSHIT I shot her, to be the ABSOLUTE GOSPEL TRUTH. I simply couldnt wait for the "fallout." Hours later...the same woman came up to me and whispered,and I kid you not---"When is this thing going to be? I'd like to come too." ... Now it was my turn to pause......she was not an older woman,in fact she was in her mid 20's,but was brought up in a church, so she knew very little about the world except what had been spoon fed to her from her ultra-con family and peers in our area. But she was serious. Her eyes were darting around,as she whispered,obviously afraid to be heard. She hadn't, and never did tell anyone what I said.When I finally told her what really happens,she was actually disappointed.It took me a while to realize this myself...she might have been looking for something different in her life,I dont know.But I would never trust her enough to find out.You must come to this of your own volition,through your very own self realization,and remember,what goes around, comes around........... and there never was any fallout from it. I was disappointed.

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Gonna be some sweet sounds,comin' down,on the Night Shift" Part II PROOF POSITIVE!!

Started a new job.The Boss found out I've done night shifts.Now...he wants to add a night shift and keep the place open 24 hours a day instead of 19 hours a day...PROOF POSITIVE!!! As I siad in the first post..."Once an employer finds out youve been on nights,you will end up on nights if you want to continue working there." Its infallible,my predictions.Hell, I ought to put a crystal ball in front me and CHARGE MONEY.......

Friday, September 11, 2009

A communication moment......

Just now,My wife and I were standing at the front door,watching the Hummingbirds.We have whats called "Hummingbird Vines," growing in our flowerbeds,that they particularly enjoy.One of them came to the glass door and hovered at our eye level,just looking at us!!! He hovered there,just watching us watch him (or her)!!! Couldnt have been a foot away!!!! That was really cool. The little bird was just as curious about us as we were of it. A good omen!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Gonna be some sweet sounds,comin' down,on the NIGHT SHIFT"

I had been in the US Navy for about a year and half,when I started working at the Naval Hospital in Charleston SC,in 1984. I was a Navy Corpsman, with the Navy Medical Corps. I had been working at the Naval Weapons Station Branch Clinic,and was transferred from there because I did not quite fit in with that setting.The Command Master Chief had placed me there because I was married,had a family,and tried to do me a favor by sending me to work at the NWSBC,because the hours and duty would both be better for my situation. It was said,after I got there,that if I did carouse around with Chief Charlie and his little "mafia" he controlled there,I would be out on my ass in no time....I lasted longer than I thought,but I was eventually transferred from the NWSBClinic to the Hospital because I did not carouse around with Chief Charlie and his little "in crowd." The Chief also said he would make sure that "my ass was assigned to a grunt unit in the Marines."This was considered to be the lowest "shit detail" possible. Navy Corpsman are assined out to Marine units,because the Marine Corps has no Medical Corps of its own,and the Marine Corps is actually a branch of the Dept. of the Navy.So they send Corpsman out to their units as "Battlefield Medics." The old Chief made good on that promise,and I did wind up with the grunts when I left Charleston.There's no telling what that drunk,fat ,yellow eyed,asshole told his superiors to get me there,but I was not welcome from day one there.I was set up to fail.I was from the south,they were from the north.I did not realize that northerners had such a problem with southerners,I didnt know that stereotypes were as dangerous as they were,I was still,only about 18 or 19 years old. I think what scared them was that I quickly showed that I was much smarter than what they believed about southerners.I was set up to fail.So...I was sent to the hospital to work on the wards---something that was considered to be another "shit detail." One thing about the Navy I experienced in the mid 1980's was this odd pecking order of what was good duty and bad duty. I thought it was an all inclusive,all important,we're-all-on-the-same-team mentality.I was wrong. But again,I was young. Soon after,I was driving to the Hospital for my first NIGHT SHIFT, of my life.I had worked until the wee hours of the morning,but never a full night.As I said I lived off base,and I was driving to the Navy Hospital,which was actually much closer than the Weapons Station Clinic from our townhouse,anyway so this could be a better deal.The schedule was a week of nights,a week of evenings,a week of mornings---a "rotating shift" All of the rumors followed me,all and only everything negative. I was "more married to my wife and not the Navy",I didnt know my job" I lived too close to home" blah blah. There wasnt many hours that went by that I didnt catch hell for me being married during that whole time,one way or another,and then my wife gave them all they needed to say "they told me so," By running off with a Marine when I was overseas when I was with the Marines after this little part of the story.In a bigger way,that was more of a favor than I realized at the time.But I didnt deserve it,my wife at this time didnt deserve it,until of course when she started pulling her little stunts. As I drove to the hospital,it being spring in Charleston,I remember the window was rolled down in the car,and the smell of saltwater and honeysuckle was very strong. I remember thinking that I didnt want to be on night shift forever,that though I am a "nighthawk" I loved spending nights my way, and not at work. Little did I know,that this night was sowing the seeds of my future.I would be relegated and shoved off to the night shift up until this very day.For 25 years of my working life,over half that time has been on night shift. A song came over the radio,called the "Night Shift" I dont know if its the Commodores who does the song,but its done by a black RnB group. "Gonna be some sweet sounds,comin' down,on the "Night Shift." I hoped this was a good omen. But hospital ward work was tedious,and again, it was considered to be "shit detail,"I was set up to fail. They knew all about me before I got there. Damned if they(My superiors at my new assignment at the hospital) didnt know I'd pissed the old Senior Chief off,already!! Again,my being married and lived off base, was a problem. I was reminded of it daily.It was called to the floor,daily.It was "see here,if only you werent married..."Daily. If is was such a goddamned problem,why even let me in in the first place? My marriage was not OK like their marriages were. My marriage was vilified,others marriages in the Navy was lionized.My marriage was a hinderance,theirs was a testament to the power of love in a tough career lifestyle. Now even at that time I realized,my wife and children did not deserve this. My BIGGEST PROBLEM was the fact that I could see this,and TOLD THEM my thoughts about their criticisms. Maybe I shoudve just kept my mouth shut.Another thing that has followed me throughout my life,is that I am expected to just stand idly by, when someone fucks with me for any reason,then acts surprised or mad if i retaliate. If I defend myself,I'm a "bully." If I dont defend myself,I'm a "wimp" I do not get middle ground,and never the benefit of the doubt that I am expected, and demanded of, to give others. That night,I remember thinking,yet somehow---in some strange way---this would be a big part of my future.Once an employer knows youve done night shift,thats where you'll end up as long you stay there,they'll get you to do night shift. but over the years,night shift has become less and less available.In part II,I''l explain it some more.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Global Warming clarification.

I must clarify that "my conclusions" are of my own opinion about global warming,based on all that I have read about it,pro and con. I'm no expert,but then the "experts" are highly questionable themselves.You have to make up your own mind about it. Is the earth warming? It WAS as of about 2 years ago.The past two summers and years,have not even registered any where near the top ten "hottest summers" or "warmest years" on record.Especially this summer of 2009.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Global Warming Part II...Chicken Little is now GOD....

There are several theories as to why the climate is warmer than usual.First off,I do not believe that it is "mankinds' fault,"primarily Americans fault.Sure our way of life has something to do with it.Our cars,trucks, SUV's,but just one small volcanic eruption puts 100 times more of the same pollutants as our vehicles do.One thing you will not hear or see in the mainstream news media, is the fact that those countless acres of rice paddies,spread all over China,Indonesia,and India,put out twice as much greenhouse gases as our our cars,and trucks do,just to feed these nations ridiculously ABSURD OVER-populations.Even still,this does not match one small volcanic eruption---combined!!!Here is why I think the weather is warming. No.1 We are still melting and thawing from the "Little Ice Age"and No.2 Because we havent had the volcanic eruptions that produced the "Little Ice Age"No.3 The Last major volcanic eruption that took place was Krakatau in 1883,before that was Tambora in 1815,that produced the "year without a summer"The "Little Ice Age" was waning in the 1800's but these two events,especially Tambora,kept it going.So,No.4 We havent had a major volcanic eruption.Mt St Helens, Pinatubo,and all the others during the 20th century were nothing compared to Tambora and Krakatau.It is evident that there may have been many volcanic eruptions to keep the "Little Ice Age" going for over 4 centuries,and we are still thawing from that.But......the only "real warming" has been only occuring in the last 20 years or so.Why? Simple. Sunspots. The past decade has been a really big event for sunspots.The lack of sunspots were present during the little ice age as well,the "Maunder Minimum" It has been warmer because of the increased sunspot activity,over the past 20 years. It appears that this cycle has ended,and the sunspots has disappeared and decreased to a very low minimum again,as this was a particularly intense period of sunspots,that even Mars experienced warming.There are no SUV's or rice paddies on Mars. Sunspots make the entire solar system just warm enough to notice the unusualness about it.So MY CONCLUSION is...that global warming has been nothing but an intense period of solar sunspot activity,coupled with the lack of major volcanic activity.When you think about it,it is completely ASSININE of the US Government and other governments of the world to pass MAJOR GOVERMENT POLICIES,demand that people change their lifestyles,go green socialistic......simply because of......sunspots.A cyclic event. But why has it worked so well? Why are people placing their heads that far up there asses for the Religion of Global Warming? Its because the people who operate the whole Global Warming Scam KNOW that MOST PEOPLE WILL NOT PUT 2and 2 TOGETHER.They know that most people,or enogh people will not think for themselves,and therefore,if they can be convinced that Global Warming is real,then they can fuck them in any postion they want,anytime,anywhere. The Scientists who point this out are already demonized and are now heretics. People believe Chicken Little now.His wisdom is sound fact. Chicken Little in this story,however,has the King on a leash.

Some things I CANT DO WITHOUT.....

My wife,when she first wakes up,and her hair is mess and her makeup smeared. The smell of coffee brewing.My kids,picking on me.Puppy breath. The smell of smoke on a cold night or morning.Squirrels playing.A Christmas tree in a window.Snow.New Guitar strings.KISS. Somethings I cant do with out......there'll be more.

Public Safety Advice No. 1 ........

This is a public safety announcement from the Hillbilly Warlord.If you should accidently swallow a poisonous or toxic substance,or,if you are trying to commit suicide and are PURPOSELY drinking said substances and you chicken out,you will need to induce vomiting. To induce vomiting,the Hillbilly Warlord advises this simple method to induce vomiting.......Imagine Rosie O'Donnell and Anne Coulter in a "69"...this will induce vomiting.

This is a WTF moment.....

I honestly dont know just how in the hell I put myself as a "follower" of myself....!!!!! I dont recall doing that!.....WTF?????

Al Gore....

This is something I forgot to mention in the Global Warning Blog. Al Gore was once a conservative Tennessee Politician,I think he was a senator,the son of a politician.Hot Air was something he grew up with. As a conservative,his wife Tipper was instrumental in labeling music and actually doing evething they could to censor and decide what was to be heard in America.They "settled" for the label,but if they couldve put Rock musica acts and Rock music out of business,well that would have been fine,too.Al Gore was 100% with this.Al Gore,by all outward evidence,was a biblebelt conservative. Not 10 years later,Al Gore is the Vice President in a Liberal White House Administration. All the sudden, Al Gore is a liberal.Next thing you know Al Gore is King of the Aging Hippies.Next thing you know,Al Gore is the Messiah of Global Warming.Al Gore simply follows what makes Al Gore MONEY. If the whole biblethumping thing couldve got him money power and fame,then it would have been.But Global Warming makes Al Gore MONEY.It might get him into the White House yet.

Global Warming......

Global Warming is a religion.Like a religion,anyone who disagrees,and shows evidence to the contrary,is demonized,branded "heretic",is summarily dicounted and discredited.Like a religion,"fact" is meaningless,"faith" takes its place,no matter how silly, or preposterous, or flimsy the evidence for the religion is.Like a religion,Global Warming readily omits,ignores,or outright dismisses any evidence to the contrary,and ONLY adheres to the truths and facts that help it along,using ONLYthe evidences that support it.....Science is fact,religion is faith,and NO, the two cannot mix,no matter what you believe or try to do to make it fit.Climate Change,is Science.Global Warming,is Religion.Climate Change is based on evidence.Global Warming is based on faith.Climate change has been occuring since the very beginning,Global Warming is a socialist political movement to attempt to blame an entire civilazation for what it PERCIEVES as damage to the planet by those they politically and socially disagree with.There is no doubt,that mankind has not been as good a steward to the planet as he could,or should be.But the Global Warming Zealots are out to cram it down you throat without telling you that along with the bad,there's a lot of good going on too.But then a Truth and a Fact can be two different things.A "truth" is a "cherished OPINION" and nothing more.A "fact" is irrefutable,readily available for all to see. The "truth" is......."my wife is pretty,and my kids are smart" To me,this is "true." You might not agree,you might think that it is "true" that my wife is ugly, and my kids are morons. But here's the "FACTS"... I am married and have 4 children.ANYONE and EVERYONE can SEE THIS.I can produce a "marriage certificate,prove I have a wife with tax documents,prove my childrens existences with documentation,the evidence is OVERWHELMING. But I cant prove much beyond that,I cant even prove that I love them,I can only show it,and even then,its tenuous at best.Someone else might not think its "true" that I love my family for many reasons,others might say its for sure and for certain that I do. Truth is a cherished opinion, fact.Here's a twist,a technicality--one child is NOT biologically mine.She was born to my wife before I met her,and yet my daughter was only a small infant at the time and she knows only me as her father,to her,this is true,but the fact is,she is not biologically mine. Global Warming Zealots act as if all that is said about Global Warming is ABSOLUTE FACT. The fact is,---the Meteorologists---dont KNOW what the weather will be like more than 3 - 5 days hence,after that they are only basing their predictions on averages,past data for only a short period of time,and in this case,only about a century,out of BILLIONS of years of weather and climate on Earth. The short answer is this....The weatherman(meteorologists) can only predict a couple of days with better tha average accuracy,as to what the weather will be.They really dont know whats going to happen a week from now,but a Global Warming Zealot,is 100% sure and absolute as to what the weather will be like 100 years from now. Palm trees will be growing on the slopes of the Catskills in New York.It will be a warm wonderful Jimmy Buffet paradise.A meteorologist is one who studys the weather,this includes the we have "climatologists" who mainly focus on Global Warming. We have "paleoclimatologists" who legimately study "Prehistoric Weather."But lets not get this confused with "Climatologists' this is a new title. "Climatologists" are like "Scientologists" and "Creationists." They try to slap science onto a religion no matter how goofy it looks,or how shabby it fits,no matter how evidence points directly against it.These are your foot soldiers in the battle to prove Global Warming is the fault of all Americans and Western Civilization. "WE" are ruining "their" environment. And they are out to punish those they feel are in violation. Like a religion,Global Warming has a kind of "Messiah" His name is Al Gore,who was once a conservative bible thumping bumpkin politician,who has now followed a money trail,and he is now King of Global Warming.Al Gore is nothing more that a hypocritcal pig,a liar,and needs to be brought up on charges for fraud.Global Warming is how he makes money.By screwing people into thinking all the things I've told you so far,and in order to assuage and pay atonement for their guilt of ruining the planet,they may redeem themselves by following the GREEN banner,and invest in GREEN technology,and Ideology,and the religion of Global Warming. Green is the new RED. But if the Reds had it as good as the Global Warmists already do,the world would've been Communist a long time ago.Communism and religion take on many different guises,the two are the same,One people,One Government,one Religion,and like religion,It happens every Sunday,it knows whats best for you. Global Warming is a religion.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Health Care...a simple look....

I have an ingrown toenail.Left foot,Big toe.Hurts so bad,like a toothache.No problem,I have a spiffy insurance plan with my employer,off to the doctor I go.He refers me to a "specialist",a "Podiatrist." I pay my 15$ co-pay(My primary care doctor charges my insurance company a few hundred bucks) A week later,Im seeing the "specialist,the Podiatrist," who says "Yep,you gotta an ingrown toenail.Heres a PRESCRIPTION for any infection that might occur,and we'll see you in 2 weeks!"I pay a 25$ co-pay,the "specialists rates"(The specialist charges my insurance company a few more hundred bucks) I go to the drug store,and my anti-biotic is 15$ co-pay(And the drug store charges my insurance company the 60$,70$ maybe even 100$ for the prescription)...2 weeks goes by,no infection,but then who knows because I took anti-biotics.Ive done far worse in injuries to myself over the years and never developed an infection without anti-bodies,so I think I can manage an ingrown toenail that I've had for a few months,that should have "developed an infection" before I went to my doctor for it in the first place!So...Im at the "specialist" again,the "Podiatrist."He says"Coming along nicely,see you in a week to cut it out." I pay my 25$ co-pay,(the specialist then again charges my insurance company a few hundred more dolllars) I make basically a 4th appointment by now.And a week later,I'm at the Podiatrist,a "specialist" and he cuts HALF the toenail away.JUST HALF.It will come back-repeating this all over again(wink wink)part of the process,setting up the next time,dont cure it,dont stop it from occuring again,OH NO, within a year.I leave,after paying yet another 25$ co-pay,and (the Podiatrist charges another couple of hundred dollars to my insurance company.)It took FOUR APPOINTMENTS,FOUR WEEKS,sure --it didnt cost ME MUCH,but somebody PAID for it,and TWO DOCTORS WERE PAID IN THE PROCESS,and PILLS WERE SOLD,mission accomplished!!!.................A few month later,I stubb my Right Big Toe,on pavement.Toenail falls off in less than 2 weeks.No infection,no doctor,no specialist,it has yet to ever be ingrown............a few months later,the OTHER toenail,has regrown and is now,you guessed it,Ingrown again.This time I have NO INSURANCE,lost my job......the "specialist" will remove the WHOLE NAIL for $300,no referrals,no pills,no numerous appointments,same day service.............NOW----I dont sit around and wonder why health care is in such crisis.Its because the Doctors have raped and robbed Medicare/Medicaid an Insurance Companies for so many years that--of course--the costs go up.And up.And up.Until its out of control.You must make at least $200,000 per year to even begin to be able to play the game of health care in the U.S.,and thats STILL not enough.The right illness can bankrupt all but the rich,and even then,it can make a dent in their finances,too.All but perhaps the super wealthy,the top 2%.I dont want to have to go to a "Social Medicine Model" in America,I want to earn my way and not be taken care of by the government.But when it gets to the place where GREED has driven costs up, and no one can make decisive decisions anyway, in our government, for fear of not getting re-elected,or to "win the house or senate" then something will have to give,and history is full of these kinds of stories.The politicians arent "getting it." Its obvious that they have forgotten that WE are there bosses,and not the other way around.Our government getting involved in health care is the "Socialist Trojan Horse" to our way of living.If it (Social Medicine)works in England,Canada,Thats fine,thats all well and good.But our government cannot afford to take care of 300million-plus in population,as opposed to Canadas' 30 million,England,France and Germany,having what? between 60 to 80 million tops in each country? THATS WHY "social medicine" 'works' in those countries,because they DONT have the population the US has,and they are NOT burdened with the responsibilty of protecting the world militarily,like the US DOES for I dont sit around and scratch my head and wonder why.I KNOW why.

Opening Volleys and First Assaults on your senses.

Hello...I am the Hillbilly Warlord.Lets get started with the name.You will wonder why I chose it.When I was 15,I was in a "garage band." Needless to say,it didnt make it.We never got "out of the garage," never had a complete band at one time. Just teenage guys with some ideas.One was the band names which I proposed was "The Hillbilly Warlords." In my 15 year old mind,this is an "oxymoron" and there have been those who stress the "moronic" part of the word,that's OK,your'e entitled to your opinion.A 'hillbilly" is always a person, or persons, who are "inbred,uneducated,bucktoothed" in the mountains.This stereotype is wrong. Mountain people the world over are independent,tough,hearty breeds of people,with a sense of morals and timeless wisdom.With me so far? Good.A "warlord" is always seen as the tough, rugged, individualistic type who commands men and peoples.This is wrong.The "warlord" is one who surrounds himself with his "personal guards" their guns,their intimidation,their might and muscle,and not so much the "warlord himself." The "Warlord" is more of the "coward" than a "Hillbilly" is an idiot. I hope you see it now,as I do.I kept the name of the band. Together the words "Hillbilly Warlord" should conjure a lot of mental images as to what people will percieve as what a Hillbilly Warlord would look like,act like,be like. I have my own ideas about it.You will come to know it now. I will be blogging about a great many things, I will put forth to you all, things I hope will make you think,Invite you to disagree,agree,or offer another solution or opinion.I hope to say the things that you might be afraid to say yourself,and give you the courage to say it when the time comes.I call it as I see it. I want you to do the same.With that being said,this my very first blog,and a step into a bigger world.