Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gonna be some sweet sounds,comin' down,on the Night Shift" Part III

I was off one night from my night shift job,and night being my "day" I decided to go to a 24 hour Walmart,and get some gas at an all night 24 hour a day,365 day a year convenience store. As I walked in the store, a man was quite upset at the cashier,a young woman who was in her late teens or early 20's,becuase she was stocking the cooler and evidently didnt get to this man as quickly as he wanted. He was upset because he was having to wait for her to turn the pump on so he could get gas. At night,it is good policy to make people pay for gas before they pump it to eliminate drive offs(stealing gas)He was not happy about that either, and was letting her know it. He was not only wanting to gas up his big gas hog truck,but also his big bass boat,too,and she was "holdin' him up." from "gittin' on tha lake bafore sunup" It was around 4:15 A.M. He also commented that it "took a while to fill these things up" He was quite upset. The Cashier apologized and tried to explain she was in the cooler and was hurrying as fast as she could,but he was just upset.....SO.....I had to comment....and this is what I said: "Hey asshole,you are going fishing,SHE is WORKING,trying to do herJOB,wont you shut the hell up." Hoping and expecting a good argument at least, the man said nothing,paid for his gas, and as I was pumping my gas,he wouldnt even look at me.I was hoping he'd say something......So I go on to WalMart....let me tell you something about any and every WalMart I've ever been in at night,that's open 24 hours----They dont want you in there at that time.They are trying to stock and clean,and the last thing they want is a "godamn customer" in their store.Especially the Salisbury NC location. Ive stopped going to Wal Mart at night.They dont want to be bothered.Ah yes,....."Gonna be some sweet sounds,comin' down,on the Night Shift."

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