Monday, September 7, 2009

Al Gore....

This is something I forgot to mention in the Global Warning Blog. Al Gore was once a conservative Tennessee Politician,I think he was a senator,the son of a politician.Hot Air was something he grew up with. As a conservative,his wife Tipper was instrumental in labeling music and actually doing evething they could to censor and decide what was to be heard in America.They "settled" for the label,but if they couldve put Rock musica acts and Rock music out of business,well that would have been fine,too.Al Gore was 100% with this.Al Gore,by all outward evidence,was a biblebelt conservative. Not 10 years later,Al Gore is the Vice President in a Liberal White House Administration. All the sudden, Al Gore is a liberal.Next thing you know Al Gore is King of the Aging Hippies.Next thing you know,Al Gore is the Messiah of Global Warming.Al Gore simply follows what makes Al Gore MONEY. If the whole biblethumping thing couldve got him money power and fame,then it would have been.But Global Warming makes Al Gore MONEY.It might get him into the White House yet.

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