Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween....Hillbillywarlord Style.....

I am not a Christian.Nor a Jew,nor a Muslim.Not a Hindu,Nor am I a Satanist,an Agnostic,or an Atheist......You figure it out.I get tired of explaining it.I dont recruit,proselytize nor do I knock on doors.........Some years ago I was working in a place that seemed to be full of the most gracious,perfect Christians to ever walk planet Earth,according to them. One woman,a co worker, came up to me and asked me this very question....."What does 'YOUR KIND' do for Halloween?" This was a baited question for the Christian gossip mill,I knew it,she knew it,and I was hoping for it---so I layed it on thick. The horns grew out of my forehead as I explained......"Well...typical American family stuff I guess...we'll put on our black robes,form a circle around an altar,try to summon a few demons or two---pretty typical family fun---,and this year,the kids wanted to sacrifice something,so we got them some animals to ritualistically sacrifice.And after that,when the kids go to bed,we adults light a huge bonfire, get naked,get drunk and high on all kinds of drugs,have an orgy, and then everybody goes home. Pretty average stuff I guess.What do you guys do?".............I wish you could see this womans face as I remember it.I didnt think a jaw could drop like that without surgical intervention. She was speechless,I just stood there and acted as if it was all the most natural thing in the world. After the proverbial '1000 year pause',she said "Really???" Not wanting to let this fish go,I said "Sure! Doesnt everybody??"She walked off. I KNEW she found this ABSURD line of BULLSHIT I shot her, to be the ABSOLUTE GOSPEL TRUTH. I simply couldnt wait for the "fallout." Hours later...the same woman came up to me and whispered,and I kid you not---"When is this thing going to be? I'd like to come too." ... Now it was my turn to pause......she was not an older woman,in fact she was in her mid 20's,but was brought up in a church, so she knew very little about the world except what had been spoon fed to her from her ultra-con family and peers in our area. But she was serious. Her eyes were darting around,as she whispered,obviously afraid to be heard. She hadn't, and never did tell anyone what I said.When I finally told her what really happens,she was actually disappointed.It took me a while to realize this myself...she might have been looking for something different in her life,I dont know.But I would never trust her enough to find out.You must come to this of your own volition,through your very own self realization,and remember,what goes around, comes around........... and there never was any fallout from it. I was disappointed.

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