Monday, September 7, 2009

Global Warming Part II...Chicken Little is now GOD....

There are several theories as to why the climate is warmer than usual.First off,I do not believe that it is "mankinds' fault,"primarily Americans fault.Sure our way of life has something to do with it.Our cars,trucks, SUV's,but just one small volcanic eruption puts 100 times more of the same pollutants as our vehicles do.One thing you will not hear or see in the mainstream news media, is the fact that those countless acres of rice paddies,spread all over China,Indonesia,and India,put out twice as much greenhouse gases as our our cars,and trucks do,just to feed these nations ridiculously ABSURD OVER-populations.Even still,this does not match one small volcanic eruption---combined!!!Here is why I think the weather is warming. No.1 We are still melting and thawing from the "Little Ice Age"and No.2 Because we havent had the volcanic eruptions that produced the "Little Ice Age"No.3 The Last major volcanic eruption that took place was Krakatau in 1883,before that was Tambora in 1815,that produced the "year without a summer"The "Little Ice Age" was waning in the 1800's but these two events,especially Tambora,kept it going.So,No.4 We havent had a major volcanic eruption.Mt St Helens, Pinatubo,and all the others during the 20th century were nothing compared to Tambora and Krakatau.It is evident that there may have been many volcanic eruptions to keep the "Little Ice Age" going for over 4 centuries,and we are still thawing from that.But......the only "real warming" has been only occuring in the last 20 years or so.Why? Simple. Sunspots. The past decade has been a really big event for sunspots.The lack of sunspots were present during the little ice age as well,the "Maunder Minimum" It has been warmer because of the increased sunspot activity,over the past 20 years. It appears that this cycle has ended,and the sunspots has disappeared and decreased to a very low minimum again,as this was a particularly intense period of sunspots,that even Mars experienced warming.There are no SUV's or rice paddies on Mars. Sunspots make the entire solar system just warm enough to notice the unusualness about it.So MY CONCLUSION is...that global warming has been nothing but an intense period of solar sunspot activity,coupled with the lack of major volcanic activity.When you think about it,it is completely ASSININE of the US Government and other governments of the world to pass MAJOR GOVERMENT POLICIES,demand that people change their lifestyles,go green socialistic......simply because of......sunspots.A cyclic event. But why has it worked so well? Why are people placing their heads that far up there asses for the Religion of Global Warming? Its because the people who operate the whole Global Warming Scam KNOW that MOST PEOPLE WILL NOT PUT 2and 2 TOGETHER.They know that most people,or enogh people will not think for themselves,and therefore,if they can be convinced that Global Warming is real,then they can fuck them in any postion they want,anytime,anywhere. The Scientists who point this out are already demonized and are now heretics. People believe Chicken Little now.His wisdom is sound fact. Chicken Little in this story,however,has the King on a leash.

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