Monday, September 7, 2009

Global Warming......

Global Warming is a religion.Like a religion,anyone who disagrees,and shows evidence to the contrary,is demonized,branded "heretic",is summarily dicounted and discredited.Like a religion,"fact" is meaningless,"faith" takes its place,no matter how silly, or preposterous, or flimsy the evidence for the religion is.Like a religion,Global Warming readily omits,ignores,or outright dismisses any evidence to the contrary,and ONLY adheres to the truths and facts that help it along,using ONLYthe evidences that support it.....Science is fact,religion is faith,and NO, the two cannot mix,no matter what you believe or try to do to make it fit.Climate Change,is Science.Global Warming,is Religion.Climate Change is based on evidence.Global Warming is based on faith.Climate change has been occuring since the very beginning,Global Warming is a socialist political movement to attempt to blame an entire civilazation for what it PERCIEVES as damage to the planet by those they politically and socially disagree with.There is no doubt,that mankind has not been as good a steward to the planet as he could,or should be.But the Global Warming Zealots are out to cram it down you throat without telling you that along with the bad,there's a lot of good going on too.But then a Truth and a Fact can be two different things.A "truth" is a "cherished OPINION" and nothing more.A "fact" is irrefutable,readily available for all to see. The "truth" is......."my wife is pretty,and my kids are smart" To me,this is "true." You might not agree,you might think that it is "true" that my wife is ugly, and my kids are morons. But here's the "FACTS"... I am married and have 4 children.ANYONE and EVERYONE can SEE THIS.I can produce a "marriage certificate,prove I have a wife with tax documents,prove my childrens existences with documentation,the evidence is OVERWHELMING. But I cant prove much beyond that,I cant even prove that I love them,I can only show it,and even then,its tenuous at best.Someone else might not think its "true" that I love my family for many reasons,others might say its for sure and for certain that I do. Truth is a cherished opinion, fact.Here's a twist,a technicality--one child is NOT biologically mine.She was born to my wife before I met her,and yet my daughter was only a small infant at the time and she knows only me as her father,to her,this is true,but the fact is,she is not biologically mine. Global Warming Zealots act as if all that is said about Global Warming is ABSOLUTE FACT. The fact is,---the Meteorologists---dont KNOW what the weather will be like more than 3 - 5 days hence,after that they are only basing their predictions on averages,past data for only a short period of time,and in this case,only about a century,out of BILLIONS of years of weather and climate on Earth. The short answer is this....The weatherman(meteorologists) can only predict a couple of days with better tha average accuracy,as to what the weather will be.They really dont know whats going to happen a week from now,but a Global Warming Zealot,is 100% sure and absolute as to what the weather will be like 100 years from now. Palm trees will be growing on the slopes of the Catskills in New York.It will be a warm wonderful Jimmy Buffet paradise.A meteorologist is one who studys the weather,this includes the we have "climatologists" who mainly focus on Global Warming. We have "paleoclimatologists" who legimately study "Prehistoric Weather."But lets not get this confused with "Climatologists' this is a new title. "Climatologists" are like "Scientologists" and "Creationists." They try to slap science onto a religion no matter how goofy it looks,or how shabby it fits,no matter how evidence points directly against it.These are your foot soldiers in the battle to prove Global Warming is the fault of all Americans and Western Civilization. "WE" are ruining "their" environment. And they are out to punish those they feel are in violation. Like a religion,Global Warming has a kind of "Messiah" His name is Al Gore,who was once a conservative bible thumping bumpkin politician,who has now followed a money trail,and he is now King of Global Warming.Al Gore is nothing more that a hypocritcal pig,a liar,and needs to be brought up on charges for fraud.Global Warming is how he makes money.By screwing people into thinking all the things I've told you so far,and in order to assuage and pay atonement for their guilt of ruining the planet,they may redeem themselves by following the GREEN banner,and invest in GREEN technology,and Ideology,and the religion of Global Warming. Green is the new RED. But if the Reds had it as good as the Global Warmists already do,the world would've been Communist a long time ago.Communism and religion take on many different guises,the two are the same,One people,One Government,one Religion,and like religion,It happens every Sunday,it knows whats best for you. Global Warming is a religion.


  1. A popular CT weatherman "Dr. Mel" who has just written a new book was asked about Global Warming. He refused to come down firmly for either side. His reply was: If we have trouble picking the weather 48 hours in advance, how confident can we be about 50 years from now, with the specificity of from 5 to 8 degrees? Worded it differently but pretty much was you just said...

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you found me! Keep me straight,now!!!!