Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The "Real Americans"

You will see me write this down from time to time,my reference to the "real Americans." This is how I see them,the real Americans."Real Americans" work 9 to 5,Monday through Friday.Taking time off from work,and/or this schedule to do the things you need to do is not a problem.You will still have your job.You will have attended some college at least,and maybe an Ivy League University.You will have at least one degree in your field,if not more.Your 9 to 5 job pays you very well.Being a "real American" makes about 70 thou-plus- per year.If youre marreid to a spouse who is equal in this stature and status,your income is almost doubled.You can have your holidays and weekends off to do as you will with your family and maybe your friends,because they too are as wonderful as you are.You will not have to beg,or trade off to get a holiday off.You can go to your doctor anytime,hell, you golf with the son-of-a-bitch.If you get cancer all will be done to get you through it.Because you have your weekends off,you can attend church,and wonder why others cant attend church.But by god, your favorite restaurant better by god be open with a hot meal the minute you stop shaking the preachers hand,huh?You probably have employees.People you pay as little as you possibly can and demand them to do things you wont do yourself for as little as you possibly get by with.It doesnt make one good god damn to you that you have one person doing the work of 3 people for minimum wage,after all you gave them a spiffy title..."associate"....right? Why should they complain?? And if this fall through,why you can get illegals to do it too.These are the "real" Americans. More to come......

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