Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The "Real Americans" Part 2

So,its these "real Americans" that basically cause the problems.They've got us mad at the illegals they've brought in,mad at the Taliban who flew our own planes into their towers...its this greedy pigpen of "real American" elitists,Liberal and/or Conservative,and their puppet politicians,and their corrupt,filthy corporate empires that put this country deep into debt,that has destroyed the American middle class,that sent jobs overseas and over the border,so its "real Americans" who have helped MILLIONS of ILLEGALS into this country,because these "real Americans" dont want to pay their fellow countrymen,---The "other" Americans,--- a gainful,decent wage for a good standard of living.It these real Americans,who say their fellow Americans are "too lazy" to do certain jobs,so they have to break the law to have a disposable illegal workforce.It "real Americans" who ran their own banks into the ground and into bankruptcy,Its "real Americans" who ran their own corporations into bankruptcy,and these same "real Americans" knew before hand,they knew as they were fucking the shit out of their own country that they would be able to get the vast majoroity of the"other" American people,who had nothing to do and is not at fault with this latest round of filthy corruption---to PAY for their filthy corruption and greed.You might say that "well these are the people that give us jobs" Well folks,they arent even doing that, now.Its "real Americans" who make these idiotic,absurd,ass kissing,ball licking foriegn trade agreements.Its the "real Americans" who are allowed to bend,even break laws to do as they please.Its the "real Americans" who reinterpret our Constitution.our Laws.Our Customs.Our Traditions,our Rules---to fit their own filthy greed and corrupt agendas.These "real Americans" these Elite PIGS,no longer think of themselves as Americans but as "Citizens of the Global World." They dont "live" in America, America is a place that makes them rich off the honest working tax payers,richer off the backs of their disposable illegal work force,too.Yet these same PIGS,these elite "real Americans" DEMAND and RECIEVE all benefits and profit from being an American without giving anything back,or as little as possible.Then,theyDEMAND and GET the highest standards of living while shitting on this nation every chance they get,denying and bashing their own nation to save face from their Global buddies.When do we wage war on the people who actually hurt us???Instead they have us mad at the other parts of the world.It deflects the REAL problems,and that the "real American PIG." A man from Iran has never done anything to me personally.A man from Afghanistan,either.But if we are not going to wipe Islam off the face of the world,if we are not going to actually SOLVE solvable problems with reasonable solutions,then all this shit is just going to go on and on and on.If we treated the Nazis as gingerly and as daintily and as PUSSIFIED as we treat Islamic terrorism,then we owe Germany a HUGE apology.As long as the "real Americans" continue to be able to keep us off the trail,NOTHING is solved.The PROBLEM is "real Americans" the greedy,corrupt PIGS that have way too much power in this nation."Real Americans" who now think our American way of life is hokey and antiquated.Who scoff at our system. The US Constitution is the GREATEST piece of documentation for the liberty of people.Our laws are sound and just.Our customs and rules and traditions are for the pursuit of happiness and for freedom.Its NOT AMERICA that is the problem---the problem is this small group "real Americans" these PIGS,this SWINE----that is.

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