Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A day at the office......

According to the "Brochure to America," just before you get to the section where the "streets are paved with gold" and it "rains Champagne and cherry flavored bubbles" and "food and money grow on trees," you will find a section where it says that ALL Americans are wealthy,healthy,rich and have EVERY weekend off,EVERY holiday off,and we ALL "work in an office" from a cushy 9 AM to 5PM. You see,according to all media outlets Americans---well the "real Americans--the only segment that really counts"---works in an office. Well, a friend of mine was fucking a woman who worked in an office some years ago. I asked him what she did there,and he said he "really didnt know" and whats more,he saidhe "didnt think SHE really knew,either." Interesting. HMMM. So I asked for more details, and here's what he told me..."she is some sort of a 'consultant' and she goes in around 9,9:15,10:00 am,just whenever,and she plays voicemail tag on her phone, and e-mail tag on her computer until lunch at 11:00 AM,where her and her office girlfriends go to the hottest "be seen at" Bistro,then they go to the mall for an hour or two,or they go have their nails or hair done,then get back to the office around 2PM have a couple of meetings,play e-mail and voicemail tag for an hour and at 5PM they go home." He also added that these "Cosmo girls" loved looking down there noses at others who are not as "fortunate" as they are" He said "she was about the snottiest bitch he ever met." So I asked him why he dated her for so long,about 6 months,he said because "she was a freak when it came to sex." And the he said---"but here's the wierd part." And I asked "there's a 'wierd part?'" to which he said "Oh yeah---you see,she dresses like a queen,everything is perfect,expensive,hip,chic,designer stuff.She SNEERS at Wal Mart.Her hair, nails, and makeup are top of the line,her apartment is upscale,spotlessly clean." To which I replied that "she had expensive taste,but this snotty attitude,well I understand the type,I wouldnt put up with it." But he said "the sex, man --the sex was wild" She did it all,and I mean all,some of the wierdest shit you can think of,and then---she immediately took shower and acted as if it NEVER happened,she was like a robot or something,like all the sudden she was this spotless doll again" He said it "kept him interested longer than it should because all those girls seemed to be that way" becuase he dated a couple of more of them and they were roughly the same.OK----here is the point----its this ridiculous ACT that people try to sell you about life in this country.Its this FALSE AIRE that people try to foister upon you,this act as if they are clean,spotless people of high upstanding morals and somehow,MONEY makes you this way,or status and stature at your worth less job gives you.Let me tell you what you are---you are human beings and its just a matter of LUCK that you land in your little spot in the word.I dont give a rolling fuck about what college or degree you have,your still a human being first.And for the most part,all youre really looking for in this life is that next meal and who is going to be poking your pussy tonight, or whether or not your'e going to get some pussy tonight.Just look at our TV personalities and Politicians and our Religious Leaders---do you really believe theyre working hard to solve the problems??? Are you that wiped???Are you that naive??? NO ALL theyre looking for is the next meal and sex with all that they have been given in this world,Or else---shit would get done-----But dont lie to me,dont pretend your'e something your'e not around me,I know a rutting pig when I see one.Im man enough to admit it.

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