Wednesday, October 7, 2009

General George S. Patton........

It should come as no surprise that one of my heroes is General George S. Patton,one of the most brilliant military commanders the world has ever known.There is a particular style I try to emulate when I write,blog,anything I do.And this is wording things I want you to remember,and so,like General Patton,when I "want it to stick,I give to 'em hard and dirty,that way they'll remember." Thats why you will see me go along as clean as can be and then I'll add "fluffy fuck" into the mix.Those that read my blogs or other writings often want to know why I can be so "foul" or mess it up by throwing these things in.Its just remember my harshness far more than the good.You cant get it out of your head,and I know it.When I write something,I already know the arguments,what is coming,and what questions will be asked.I control the conversation unless a better point is made or its something I dont know about.I do not watch what I say around people.I say what I feel and call it as I see it,no matter how insensitive it might be.However,there are places where such is not allowed.And I respect the rules of places that arent mine.It is there where I will not say anything at all.You will never read anything I write that I wouldnt say to someones face.And when I want you to remember,I'll give it to you hard and dirty....Because life is hard and dirty.Anyone who says different is trying to screw you out of something.

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