Friday, October 9, 2009

The Hillbilly Warlord's Public Safety Announcement No.4

This is not only for America,but for the world.Within the hour,on this day,we will be "BOMBING" the MOON. I want all you terrorists and Idiots like Hugo Chavez,Kim ILL Jong and Achmejinjead to think about this for a moment.I want all those who bash America to think about this for a moment. We---America---can target a place almost 249,000 miles away with precision down to the SQUARE INCH,with our weaponry. IF we ever decide to take this planet over,it will be OURS inside of a week,maybe two. WE decimated the worlds FOURTH largest army in 1992 in just over 4DAYS. Bombing these pissant countries that are BEGGING for it should see it this way.America is SO POWERFUL and YET....YET we DONT do what we could do,maybe SHOULD do like our world order predecessors like the British Empire,Rome,Greece any time in history where a nation dominated the known world WOULD have done in a heartbeat had they had just HALF the power we possess. If Adolf Hitler had just a fration of we have wed all be "sprechen de deutch" right now.... BUT we dont. And dont hand me this "Invading Iraq or Afghanistan song and dance.WE NEED stability in that region,WE MUST have a STRONG force and presence in that region if you want to drive a car,have all the material goods and services and technologies, and enjoy a standard of living above the third world way of life. Think about it.....

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