Saturday, October 10, 2009

Barack Obama......

He was just handed the Nobel Peace Prize,and EVERYBODY is scratching their heads.This is a National WHAT THE FUCK moment.So momentous,that I decided to spell out WHAT THE FUCK,instead of the usual WTF.But Barack Obama also won Miss USA and Miss Universe and the Heisman Trophy.Next week,he will be given the World Series Championship and will be the winner of Superbowl 44 and get a Superbowl Ring,this winter.He will also recieve an Oscar,a Tony and an Emmy Award....hell why not. Lets give him the Stanley Cup and the World Sumo Wrestling Championship,too.How,oh How, oh how, oh how, in the great green giggling FUCK do you win a Nobel PEACE Prize when you are in charge of a nation that is at war. No sorry,we are not "at war"--- that way when these 100's of thousands of Veterans need Medical care the Government can fuck them out of it by saying they werent "really" in a war,because that ended in 2004,so.....sorry.Of which Veterans are already telling the tales.Only Kim ILL Jong is more heavily showered with such blubbering worship and adoration.Next they'll be telling us that Obama Created the question mark,lit the sun and has found the same 2 snowflakes ----twice---- on both Polar Ice Caps. Who the hell is Chuck Norris??? Next thing you know it will be revealed that Obama is Batman,Superman and Pluto Nash. Anyone who doesnt WORSHIP our GLORIOUS LEADER is a racist.IF YOU DONT WANT TO ALLOW FOR ALL THIS PRAISE AND DEWEY EYED WORSHIP HEAPED UPON THE WORLDS MOST PERFECT HUMAN BEING,then you're a skinheaded Nazi Klansman who steals candy from little babies.....wait a minute,this just came in---oh yeah,it has been revealed that Barack Obama IS the MESSIAH!!!

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