Friday, October 9, 2009

The "Real Americans" Part 3

"Real American" Mark Sanford just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt what I was blogging about.Mark Sanford is the Governor of South Carolina,and has recently been embroiled in an extra marital affair. The Governors' driver was SPEEDING at 85 MPH,was pulled over by a South Carolina State Trooper,and WAS NOT ticketed. You see---"Real Americans" like Mark Sanford---are allowed to shit on the law any time they please. There is law FOR the rich,powerful and famous---the "real Americans" the only ones who really count---and theres law AGAINST the rest of us,who PAY for the PIGS like Mark Sanford,a "real American" to do what ever the fuck he wants to do. Senator Lauch Faircloth of North Carolina was allowed to shit on the law some years back,when the North Carolina State Trooper broke the law by allowing the Senator to speed and failed to ticket the Senator for breaking the law.----THIS is "THE PROBLEM"----with our country.The rich,powerful and famous can shit on the law when they want to,the rest of us had better adhere to it.The "real Americans" are allowed to break rules and laws.This is NO PROBLEM for them, like Vice President Dead Eye Dick Cheney,who shot a man,and didnt have to tell his boss,the President of the United Satates of America until some 24 hous AFTER the shooting,deemed a "hunting accident" after a day of drunkiness and hunting.Dick Cheney---who actually RULED this country for some years basically told the President,George W. Bush, that there wasnt anything that would be done about breaking laws that were broken. George Bush was basically Dead Eye Dicks Bitch so NOTHING came of it. Dick Cheney has SHIT on so many Laws, Customs and rules of this country,has avoided scrutiny over his MANY CRIMES---MANY TIMES---Why???? Becuase hes a "real American" hes the elite PIG types that are in charge. And he,and Mark Sanford and Lauch Faircloth and the rest have this to say to you----"FUCK YOU,America." And you know what we'll do about it.Nothing.

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