Friday, November 20, 2009

The Shroud of Turin....for the THOUSANTH TIME

OK kiddies---seems we've overlooked a detail in the Shroud of Turin. Seem that maybe "J.C." had his name wrote on his blankie. There seems to be a verification signature in the shroud. Look my little dears,it doesnt matter whether the shroud is real,or not. Doesnt matter if it from the medieval era or the Roman era. If the shroud means something to you,thats fine. if it means nothing to you,thats great too. But what Im getting tired of is the FACT that both sides of the issue cant really prove one damn thing either way. And THATS whats getting annoying. Even if Jesus' shroud is found to be "THE ONE" your still going to have your skeptics. Even if it is found to be 100 % to be a forgery,youre still going to have the believers willing ti go to war or a crusade to prove youre an heretic. The best thing that should have happened to the shroud is for it to have burned in the fire a few hundred years ago. Im not sure if Jesus would like it very much if all of Christianity would hinge,rise or fall on the blanket he was wrapped in after he was brutally murdered would be something he'd want to be a holy relic. Do you like seeing the car a relative died in? Of course not. This issue is another thing thats blown WAAAAAAAYYYYY OUT of PROPORTION,because theres NO WAY anyone will know the truth and facts pro or con. Meanwhile,pieces of the "bonafide, 100 % real splinters, of THE CROSS he was nailed too, is available in Israeli gift shops. And the Virgin Mary has been seen in a peice of toast,on the side of a building after a window washer didnt clean it very well---and all this is true. Piss them off and they have never stopped short anything to FORCE you to believe it. Just read the history....... The Shroud of year they'll find his nail clippers.

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