Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Right to PEACEBLY Assemble... Part 2

Now that you have come to realize that gangs--are ALL criminally motivated,and are basically allowed to do whatever they want to do because they hide behind the guise of having the right to assemble---after having trimmed the "Peacebly" out.Gangs have become folk heroes in Hollywood movie plots,romanticing their "plight" while ignoring the fact their lifestyles are not glamourous and heroic,but crime ridden filth and drug related violence,death and murder.So with Hollywood,another filthy sewer where thing are confounded and confused,and the fact that we are too weal to stop it, works because we are no longer willing and capable of enforcing our laws. We will spend billions killing gangs overseas,and do nothing here.This is how fucked and how far gone we are. Now,.... Illegal Aliens are criminals right off the bat. We can call them many things to try to soften the impact,at first it was "illegal aliens" then it was"migrant workers" all kinds of euphemisms to mask the criminality,and now,just ask the Bank of America,who affectionately call them "New Customers,"and mask the fact that ALL illegals roaming around OUR NATION, and ANY and ALL NATIONS for whatever reason,of ANY and ALL races,religions---are CRIMINALS. Now the Liberal idiots who are in firm control over this in our nation, who help confound and confuse the issue by masking the invasion by completely circumventing the laws,distorting historical facts through the DISEASE called "Political Correctness" which is the same vehicle of thought the Bolsheviks,a gang, used to bring Russia down in the early 20th century.Russia wasnt perfect but you get the point.By completley ignoring the laws and customs,if not wiping their asses with it, have been successful to the point where it makes any military invasion seem like a weekend camping trip. In WWII, there was only some several hundred thousand men who went ashore in Normandy to stop a gang,the Nazis,from continuing their crimes. This was not "US aggression,"this was a matter of survival. If you disagree with this,YOU are part of the problem. YOU are an imbecile.The Tet offensive,launched by another gang,the Viet Cong,successfully regained control---basically--- of Vietnam in 1968 with just 80,000 troops. The American PIGS who allowed illegals in by breaking the laws to get them here,plus there human traffickers in Mexico---their OWN PEOPLE--- have managed to invade our nation with 20 MILLION and more,over a period of time.----20 MILLION---compared to just a few hundred thousand, to go ashore at Normandy,compared with 80,000 communists who "re-took Vietnam" in 1968. 20 MILLION ----AT LEAST.Mexico---with the help of too manyAmerican Pig Big Business,and Corporate Empires, have invaded your nation while you were told you "were too lazy to do the jobs" that they replaced YOU(WE) for,and YOU(WE)--- THANKED THEM--- FOR IT,becuase you(we) didnt want to appear to be "racist and intolerant," Can you imagine if a Military Commander or Dictator had that kind of force???Do you realize what Adolf Hitler would have done with just 50,000 Nazis in our borders in 1940? Ever thought for one minute of your sleepy little lives that all Hugo Chavez,or any futuer Central or South American Dictator has to do is yell "Viva La Revoluccione!"and arm about 1 or 2 hundred thousand of these illegals,just 1 or 2 hundredthousand------already on the ground,85 % of them males,men who dont give a fluffy fuck about anything but slurping off of America,already in the U.S.,illegals who wipe their asses on us,usurp our services,all in the guise of the "oppurtunity for a better life" and when these parasites drain their hosts, as Mexicans simply are---Parasites,they'll go right back to that desert shithole and live like roaches when America falls. But also,And I want this to be CRYSTAL CLEAR,that it doesnt matter what race,religion, or nation they are from,whether or not its even Americans who live in other nations illegally--are CRIMINALS. Anyone living in any nation illegally are CRIMINALS. Now I already know what you Liberal Horseshitketeers are going to TRY to do---but here comes your education and why you people are a bunch of morons. We ---DO NOT--- LIVE IN A "NATION of IMMIGRANTS" WE--the United States of America--is now and has been for over 200 years a SOVEREIGN---ESTABLISHED----NATION. We have Laws and Rules. If another wave of European "immigrants" all the sudden came to live here and the scene was repeated as it was during the mass immigrations of the late 19th century---Sorry,but if they live here illegally,they would be criminals. The difference and let this be CRYSTAL CLEAR---is that those immigrants came over here to BE AMERICANS,they came to BECOME CITIZENS. Most Mexicans---the vast majority of the invasionary force,is here to wipe his ass on you,he has NO GOD DAMNED INTENTION of ever becoming a citizen--but he WILL DAMN SURE EXPECT,DEMAND and RECIEVE ALL---EVERY---AND ANY BENEFIT from this nation,while YOUR RIGHTS and BENEFITS DWINDLE and SHRINK---and YOU (WE) WILL lick the corn from his shit. We WILL THANK HIM FOR IT......we dont want to appear to be racist and intolerant,now do we?An American will sell his daughters ass if it meant he wouldnt be seen as being a racist or intolerant.The next thing your liberal ass wiped mind will try to use to confound the issue is bring up what "we" did to the Indians,ooops the "Native Americans" who,as it turns out,came from somewhere else,and as the research goes deeper,that EUROPEAN DNA is PART of the ancient Native American population. America,the North American continent,being separated by two vast oceans was destined to be the place people "found" rather than "sprang up from." Here's what the liberal mind is incapable of grasping. Its a simple definition. An "immigrant" is born in one place,and moves to another. An "immigrant" goes through the lawful channels of his natural soil to leave,and does what it takes to become a productive CITIZEN of the nation he moves too.An illegal Alien does NONE of these things. They circumvent the law to usurp and use the system to their advantage,just like cancer,just like a parasite. Now the Native Americans often get this dewey eyed reverence for being fucked over by the whites,or by "Americans". The FACT is,that Native Americans were NOT a unified NATION,but THOUSANDS of loosely knitted tribes. There was NO NATION,on the North,Central or South American Continent,that grew to govern much more than something the size of Texas long enough to become an established sovereign nation, that was civilized in the terms weve all already deemed necessary to be in one.Native Americans HELPED EUROPEAN-----EUROPEAN-----settlers and explorers settle and clear the land of their enemies---other Indian tribes. Indians gleefully helped the first EURO conquerors kill their rival tribes,and subsequently themselves, off. Remember "AMERICA" did ---NOT EXIST---until roughly and crudely as a nation until at least 1776,some 300 years later,after the Euros began coming back to the continent---AGAIN.The Vikings before Columbus,and well before this it is being found that Europeans were here during the last Ice Age. What the liberal propaganda machine of PC has been too successful at doing, is saying that "WE" killed off the Indians. No "WE" didnt. This issue was a sad and unfortunate event in American history,but the forces were too far in motion before it was realized what wrongs have been done. But WE did not do this. This happened LONG before WE were even born,now. Its OVER---ITS DONE. No one alive today in the U.S. has killed a Native American and taken his land. This is FINISHED. Making people feel guilty fior things theyve never done is surprisingly highly successful for the Liberal/Communist agenda. It makes people ashamed, and immobilizes them against the propaganda of Liberal PC Lying Machines. They can bring MORE Mexicans in, because people living today in America are the ones who are now guilty and ashamed of something they've never done:Take something from a native people.There are TWO ILLEGAL and SUBVERSIVE anti-Constitutional forces at work here in the U.S. Illegal Immigrants DO NOT have the right to ASSEMBLE FOR ANY REASON. They are not supposed to be able to stage public protests,demonstrations,or MARCH on US streets. Gangs are not supposed to be allowed to exist. Its so bad that TV shows crop up everywhere on almost all channels to try to expose them,but it only helps them. Gangs and Illegal Criminals are NOT a positive part of a Civilized Nation. The proliferation of gangs and illegal aliens are the signal of DOWNFALL for a nation,any nation. It works far better than a military invasion,involving much larger numbers of invaders,infiltrators,subversive allies from the inside,over a longer period of time so that the population doesnt realize whats going on.Now go back to your sleepy liitle life. But I know you wont forget this.More to come.

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