Friday, December 16, 2016

The Southern Heretic

I am THE "Southern Heretic." Back in 1998 I began using this moniker, this alias. I used this name for a column in a bi-monthly entertainment and alternative newspaper to showcase my writings of what it is to be a "Southern Heretic." A southerner, who is not typical of the lot. My articles have been plagarized ever since. I have a postmark( the poor mans copyright) to prove this as well as dated material from the bi monthly newspaper called "Tomorrow And Tonight," that operated from around 1997 to around the year 2001. I have a letter from the editors, saying that I was there best writer. All others who call themselves "The Southern Heretic," and who is not Everette L. (Butch)Young II, is NOT the Southern Heretic. I am the one and ONLY "Southern Heretic." All others using the "Southern Heretic" for their writings, should remove my created name, "The Southern Heretic," from their blogs and other news sources and outlets and cease and desist using what I created. Thank you for your time and understanding. ****This does not include a band that calls themselves "The Southern Heretics."

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