Sunday, December 18, 2016

Epic Snowjobs.....

OK...I am 51 years old. I lived in Rowan County from the time I was 3 years old, in 1968, until I was 14, in March of 1980. And I moved back to Rowan County when I was not quite 30 years old. been here for about 23 years now... A total of about 33, 34 years of my life....And here's the point----- I do NOT recall, nor can I find in the archives of the Salisbury Post and online sites, where this County----ever had these epic snowstorms that measured in FEET. The deepest one time snowfall, was 28" for Rowan County. In 1962, a series of snowstorms came in March of that year, every Wednesday afternoon, and dumped about foot each time. Even then, the snow would melt between these storm, which was a "freak and a fluke of nature," not seen before or since. I'm tired of this "back when I was a kid, it used to snow all the time...." Uh, no, it did not. No more and no less, has this happened. Even with all the Global Warming, we still have the same kinds of Winters now, as we did..."When ~~ I ~~was a kid..." This region, the Piedmont of North Carolina, is not known for snowfalls that total more than a foot for several years at a time. We live in the "rain shadow," of the Appalachian Mountains, and though they are not a very tall range, they do affect our weather. Many times have a seen storms break up over the mountains, on radar, before they reach this region. More often than not this is what happens. And I have read books that described this region before Columbus' false account of "discovering America," as "Plains." Hardly any trees in this region, it was rolling grasslands over much of the region dotted with wooded areas. The notion that a "Squirrel could get in a tree on the coast, and go inland to the mountains and past them, without ever touching the ground, because of the carpet of trees," might not be an accurate account. Even during the last great Ice Age, the climate here, wasn't as bad, even with glaciers just several hundred miles to our north, we had a climate like Chicago or Milwaukee during that time. I do not remember these epic snowfalls, here in the Piedmont of North Carolina, nor can i find them in archives of weather. Why? Because they didn't occur, and people like to make more of a lie than search for the facts. This is how religion and Republicans stay in business.... Had to get that shot in there.... Let it snow, my friends. let it snow.

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