Friday, January 15, 2010

Would You Build a House in Malibu.....

Would you buy,or build a house in Malibu, California and still believe youre not an imbecile?Let me see if I get this straight...just for an example...Aunt Flossy leaves you millions.You have this Beach Boy fantasy that if you only lived in California,your chances of getting laid will increase.With Aunt Flossy's millions,you pack up your belongings on your Mini Cooper, and think that " Californy is tha place fer yew ta be" You contact a "realtor" there,and you buy or build a million dollar home,and settle in. Now,because you,like 90% of Americans,believe that "It -Will -NEVER -Happen -To -Me" and If it does, "Im -Rich -So -All -I -Gotta -Do -is -Lob -Money -At -The -Problem" crowd which is again,the VAST majority of American thinking. You have just bought or built a house on a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE FAULTLINE,in an arid climate that BURNS to the DAMN GROUND every 3 or 4 years,and after that,the RAINS will cause MUDSLIDES that will wash your ass right off the hill.Shake,bake,and lake. But,you try to convince yourself and others that you are "Intrepid and brave,a real out there kind of guy,living for the now,in the moment,because hey hell,you cant take it with you" Then...when The earth moves and you AINT getting none of that WAY OVER RATED California Pussy,and you sweat fires,quakes and mudslides EVERY YEAR and NOT just "every few years... maybe..." Like the "realtor" said. Heh heh. When you cry like a pussy on TV about how you just lost it all----you still wont have to worry,will you? You can rebuild right,Insurance!!!! My homeowners will take care of it right? In most cases...wrong. They,the insurance companies already KNOW what happens there,and if you get Insurance you will have PAID for it with everything you have EXCEPT your kid sisters virginity and your mothers' special "skills" The insurance companies KNOW youre an idiot,they KNOW youre a sucker. UNLESS--they themselves are as DELUSIONAL as you are,and live and work right there in the zone,knowing that somebody else will ALWAYS pay the bill..... I have NO SYMPATHY for ANYONE who lives 20 feet below sea level,who live right on the beach in Hurricane prone regions,or anyone who lives in a trailer in Kansas or Oklahoma.I have no tolerance for idiots who wont leave their homes for safety and try to wait out the storm---firmly BELIEVING that the US Government will replace a tarpaper shack with a mansion because you "lost" far less than what you think you deserve in compensation.Firmly Believing that your own personal US Coast Guard rescue helicopter will scoop you off your roof in the nick of time,because you didnt heed the warnings.Because even after being told,and fully KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING,after being WARNED for DECADES that your region is NOT SAFE---You CHOSE to stay put. FUCK YOU. Then turn a round and bitch and complain that the mobile home that was given to you,that is actually a goddamn upgrade from the hole you were living in is not good enough for you? Well,as of this writing,The sewer nation of Haiti has suffered a major earthquake.Have you noticed how fat response was,compared to NO RESPONSE for Hurricane Katrina....? Isnt wonderful that your government gives more of a damn about a foriegn sewer than the City of New Orleans? But then...thats the way it goes right. What goes around come around.

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