Friday, January 15, 2010

Central Casting For A Job... Part II

Not only do American employers(The REAL PROBLEM with economy) cast for jobs,they also "feel you out" to see if you will fit in to their cliche,their little "club"their little "group" or "gang." keep in mind that it DOES NOT matter how well you do your job,they need to know if you can, or will, or cant, or wont, keep their filthy little business secrets,how they circumvent the laws,the rules,the guidelines etc.,what rules they bend and break to run their business.99% of ALL American Businesses cant even follow their own policies they underwrite and expect their employees to follow. Some employees can break the rules,circumvent policy and proceedure,because they are "IN" They are part of the group,the gang,a fully trusted member of the cliche.(Remember High School---we NEVER really grow up when it comes right down to it)Now this employee, usually sucks at doing the job,job knowledge,but the reason this employee isnt fired is because they can and will keep secrets. They are on top of who is fucking who,who is gay and who isnt,who goes to this church,or that one or---who doesnt attend church...They know how many days everbody has missed but yet all the days they've missed is because their reasons were more important than yours.Theyre the supervisors snitch,the bosses family member,and believe me they can get by with all but anything. Employers will believe their crazy shit no matter how ridiculous it is over the truth.Employers are for more worried about appeasing certain employees than the jobs and tasks of the day to day functions.When you apply for a job---you are NOT applying to do a job---your applying to "fit in" with a bunch of strangers who had better like you from the word go. It doesnt matter how ell you do your job,your knowledge,your expertise,your experience. What matters is whether or not youre gonna side with the right cliche if someone is found out to be fucking someone there.

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